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Silent Disco

Kansas City

Silent Karaoke

Kansas City

Silent Disco 


Kansas City

  • Silent Parties

  • Fundraisers

  • Special Events 

  • Promotional Functions

  • Silent Fitness

  • Silent Yoga

  • Silent Tours (buses, city tours, holiday lighting)

  • Silent Movies (Outdoor Theater)

  • Translation Services

Soul Euphony Silent Disco Logo
Sole Euphony Silent Disco Headsets

Imagine enjoying the livest Mobile DJ with a room full of amazing people only... you're in the library of all places... Yeah, you read that right.  Sole Euphony provides amazing events in the most unlikely of places and without the risk of receiving noise complaints.

Our setup includes


High Quality RF Stereo On Ear Wireless Headphones

Each Pair of Headphones is Capable of Receiving up to 3 Channels of Audio (Channel Determined by Color)

Active Noise Reduction for Superior Audio Quality

Flashing L.E.D. Indicator Light to Identify Channel That You Are Listening To

Rechargeable Battery with 8 Hours of Listening Time Before Needing to Recharge

Stationary or Battery Operated Transmitters (up to 3) To provide Each Audio Signal 

Ability to Transmit to Distances up to 1000 ft. (300 meters)

Here's Where We're Different Than Most

We Make Planning Silent Disco Events in Kansas City Seemless & Stress Free


Our Staff includes skilled Mobile DJs, Event Planners, Hosts, & Graphic Designers to handle your event from start to finish


Because we own and operate our silent disco setup, you can add on our Sole Euphony services to any of our other services (Photobooth, Mobile Karaoke, Mobile DJ, Outdoor Theater Rental) at a package price


Silent Event Packages Starting at $225 Includes *1 transmitter and * 25 Headsets


Our unique approach to music includes creating environments where music motivates, inspires, & incentivises

Sole Glow by Sole Euphony
Sole Euphony Women
Sole Spin by Sole Euphony
Soul Euphony Logo

Silent Disco/ Silent Karaoke​

In short, a silent disco is an event where you put on a special pair of noise-canceling headphones and gather with others who have done the same. Then, as individuals, you can tune into one or multiple channels of sound, while simultaneously and indirectly combining energies with those around you.

This results in a lot of singing and dancing like no one’s watching, and letting your hair down. To further illustrate, picture 3 DJs spinning, but without the speaker setup. The floor is filled with thousands of people, all with headphones.

But there’s no actual music from the DJ being played aloud. Instead, the music is playing in the ears of the attendees, who have the ability to switch between DJs. They get to choose the beats and volume that move them.

Packages Starting at $225 
*Minimum headphone rental may apply
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